Stattmedia game contest

A brief, informational page with a summary of all the questions and facts about the contest and Unità Zero


The Contest

On December 1, 2011 (EGP) launched a special 2-months long competition.

After the usual roundup on January 31, 2012 there will be an exceptional followup, when all the eligible games are presented in Stattbad on a dedicated event called Stattmedia Game Contest, running with Unità Zero as game controller.

Stattmedia Game Contest event will take place on February 17, 2012 in Stattbad, Berlin.

Please check the EGP page for further info about the EGP competition and for leaving and reading feedbacks

And keep watching this page, it will be updated constantly with the latest news.

Mandatory Requirements

In order for the game to be eligible for Stattmedia game contest, it must:

Supported Frameworks

A few, major frameworks will be available:

If your dependencies cannot be satisfied in the game's folder, please team up and provide us of a redist package link to be installed. Leave a comment in the EGP page for that.

Operating The Pads

The pads are triggered when their orange surface gets pressed.

The pads behave as an HID device, emulating press/release of a subset of keys ('1', '2', '3', '4', '5'). A pressure on a pad generates a KEY DOWN event. While in this state, it emits a blast of red flashing light. A KEY UP event is then generated when the initial pressure is removed.

The pads react quickly to pressure. Even if it's possible to trigger them with a hand, the load needed on the wrist (approx 2kg) makes them more suitable to be controlled by foot.

The lights flash at approx. 15Hz and they cannot be programmed

Pads Layout

Unità Zero pads will be laid out on a single row as shown:

Pads layout

The numbers relate each pad to a specific key binding. The pads are all alike, same color, same shape. Due to the number of games that reference the pads as numbers, we'll add the relative key numbers onto each pad (1-5).

An approximate distance between each pad is 40cm (15in). It is possible for a single player to easily trigger two pads.


Pads layout

Submitting Your Game

Just follow the instructions given on the EGP site.



These links are provided for your convenience: